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About Tietheknot Fitness

Tietheknot Fitness is a private Fitness Studio. 

We are a specialty studio that helps brides-to-be, bridal parties, and newly engaged couples prepare for their wedding by eliminating fat, gaining muscle, and being the best version of themselves throughout the wedding process.

We also help, guide, and teach anyone who is looking to better their life through fitness and healthy eating! 

If you need someone who is experienced, educated, and fun, then look no further!

Why us?

At Tietheknot Fitness, we value quality over quantity. Our main goal is to make sure that you get the attention and feedback that you deserve, so you get the results that you desire.


Our fitness studio is:

  • 100% private. 

    • Our space is your space for your whole workout.


  • Inclusive and welcoming. 

    • Whatever your goals are, we will help you get there, with a big SMILE (and sometimes a hug…depending on how sweaty you are after your workout).


  • Family.

    • When you join TTKF, you join a community. A community of like-minded, inspirational, and driven people who support and push each other. “Mi casa, tu casa” (my house is your house).


Our Training Philosophy

At Tietheknot Fitness, our philosophy is Functional Training.

What is functional training?

  • It is completing exercises that uses the most amount of joints and muscles possible. Basically, we do not stop moving for the whole workout.

  • We combine strength training, circuit training, High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT), and a whole bunch more.

    • We use and combine all different styles of training in order to reach peak performance and leaving you with a sweat filled t-shirt.


The best part is…even if you’ve never worked out 1 day in your life, you can do functional training!


Our Guarantee


At Tietheknot Fitness, Our guarantee is that:

  • You will get 100% effort, dedication, and work ethic to bring you the best workouts and nutrition programs to get you to your goals.

  • We will not stop until you’re satisfied.

  • We will always push you to be your best.

  • Everything you do in our studio has a purpose. From the workouts, to your eating, to your sleep, and everything in between.



Our Address:

111 Tigi Court

Concord, ON. L4K5E4

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