3 reasons why we're different

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    • At Tietheknot Fitness, we focus and specialize in getting you to lose inches so you look amazing and your wedding dress fits absolutely perfect.


    • By transferring your fat mass into muscle mass. Your muscles and body will tone, lean out, and become stronger.

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    Stress Relief

    • At Tietheknot Fitness, we understand that the wedding process can get pretty hectic, stressful, and crazy.

    • What's the best medicine for all of that?


    • We develop personalized workout programs and routines so that you can come into our studio without worrying about a thing! Plus, we'll give you tips and tricks on how to manage your stress effectively!

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    More energy

    • Throughout your wedding planning process, you've got a lot of different things going on. You need energy for that (coffee can only get you so far).

    • What's the best way to get more energy?


    • The more you workout, the more muscle you build. The more muscle you have, the more resilient to fatigue you get. Your body will adapt and sustain a higher level of energy when it is put under physical exercise!

    • Your energy, mood, and overall well-being will be in tip top shape leading up to the big day!

3 options to get you better:

Private Training

  • Feel comfortable working out with your own privacy and get the special attention you need to achieve your goals!

  • Whether it be 1-on-1, or a small group, the studio is yours for the hour.

  • We are able to accommodate up to 9 people in 1 session. So if you have a bridal party, or family and friends who want to workout privately together, this option is for you!

  • Our packages are offered in 30, 60, or 90 session packs to fit your needs.


Contact us today to book a consultation and get you on a path to your best SELF!


  • Don't mind working out with others? Then this is for you!

  • Why us?

    1. Our classes are capped at 9 people. This will allow the trainer to concentrate on everyone and making sure they are working to their max capacity.​

    2. Our classes are specifically designed to get your heart rate up (burn calories) and build muscle (lose inches) at the same time. 

    3. Our classes have different styles to meet your different needs and abilities. Need more cardio? We got you. Need more weights? We got you.

    4. We know your name, your age, your job, and your circumstances, so you're not just a number in a class. If you're having a bad day, we'll notice it and make extra effort to put a smile on your face.

    5. You'll get incentives and discounts to other wedding vendors in the wedding industry. Because we like to help people. However we can, we will.

We have different options to meet your needs! Click here to find out more!


  • Have a crazy schedule and can't commit to training in our studio?

  • No problem! We have a solution for you!

  • We will create a workout and nutrition program that will fit your schedule and routine!

    • All of our workouts will be sent to you through our Mobile App.

    • You will get access to our app, which will guide you through each workout with videos explaining each exercise, as well as follow-along workouts with Head Trainer Gabe.​

    • Functional Fit30 is our 8-week Home Fitness Program with full follow along workouts every week. Inquire about getting access to this amazing program!