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Our Programs

Functional Fit30

  • Our most popular option!

  • We built this program so that ANYONE can do it, ANYWHERE. It is meant to target all fitness needs, abilities, and experience levels.

  • You don't need flashy or expensive equipment. Just a set of dumbbells or simply your bodyweight.

  • This program is 8 weeks and is intended to push you to your limits every workout and show you what functional training is all about!

  • There are 3 trainers in each workout, all with different modifications for all fitness levels.

  • Comes equipped with:

    • 8 Weeks of Workout Videos (3-5 days/week)

    • Full Outlined Plan

    • Complete Nutrition Plan

    • Daily Accountability Checklist

    • Benchmark Days

    • Weekly Habit Builder

    • Access to the videos for life!

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 9.53.12 AM.png

30x30x30 Challenge

  • This is our crash course. Our pick-me-upper. Our starter pack. It is our 30x30x30 Challenge.

  • It stands for 30 workouts for 30 minutes for 30 straight days.

  • It's meant for those of you who need a final push/challenge to shred a couple more inches or pounds, or for those of you who need a little kick to get your fitness journey started.

  • Comes equipped with:

    • Access to 22 Follow Along Workout Videos

    • Nutrition Plan

    • Daily Accountability Checklist

    • Weekly Habit Builder

    • Access to videos for life!

9 Week Challenge

  • This option is combined with our 30 Day Challenge to extend your fitness journey to 9 weeks and get even more results!

  • This program takes the approach of building the "Foundation" of your body.

  • As the weeks go on, we increase the intensity and complexity of exercises and workouts.

  • This is great for you if:

    • A. You haven't worked out in a long time.

    • B. You have goals that may take longer to achieve.

  • All workouts are bodyweight only, so you don't need any equipment.

  • Comes with:

    • 18 Follow Along Workout Videos
      + PLUS

    • Everything from 30 Day Challenge


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