Our Services

Private 1-on-1 Personal Training

  • Are you intimidated to workout at a big gym?

  • Do you need guidance on how to start working out…the right way?


At Tietheknot Fitness, we understand that big gyms can be intimidating. That is why we offer private 1-on-1 personal training packages that will get you results, get you on a proper workout and nutrition plan, and build your confidence within yourself and with working out! All in the comfort of our Fitness Studio.

We set you up on a workout program catered to your fitness goals and abilities. We show you how to incorporate our core values into your daily life; Dedication and Hard-Work. For your 1-hour training session, our studio becomes your studio.

Private Small Group Training

  • Do you have a group of friends that have similar fitness goals?

  • Are you getting married and want your bridal party to workout together before your wedding?

Tietheknot Fitness offers small group training, up to 9 people, that specifies the workout to meet your goals. A trainer will be there to give you specific attention to ensure that you are exceeding your personal limits, doing exercises properly, and getting the most out of each workout.

Whether you want to shred inches, tone up, or uplift your energy, we have the program for you!

Small Group Personal Training Classes

  • Do you enjoy working out in a group setting?

  • Are you not getting the attention and feedback you need to progress?


Come join our Small Group Personal Training classes!

With our 8:1 (client-to-trainer ratio), you get the electric atmosphere of a group session, with the attention and feedback of having your own Personal Trainer.

Purchase a pack of sessions (20, 35, or 50) or come to unlimited sessions per month!


We have 4 different classes to meet your goals and abilities:

  1. Functional Fit

  2. Functional Fit Strong

  3. HIIT Fit

  4. Conditioning Fit

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