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This year has affected everyone and I believe that we need to support each other in every way possible.

We need to pick up the people who need it most, and that is why my fundraiser this year will help FAMILIES IN NEED!

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 3.14.26 PM.png

With the money that is raised and donated, I will be purchasing pre-paid Visa Cards and will be personally delivering them to families in need, so they can use them towards groceries, bills, gifts, or whatever they may need help with. 

I will equally divide the raised funds by 10, and I will deliver 1 Gift Card to 10 different families in time for Christmas! 

On Tuesday December 15th, 2020, I will be hosting a zoom workout at 7:00pm EST (hence the name Fit-Mas)

  • Each person that joins our workout will be asked to donate any funds they can, and Tietheknot Fitness will donate an additional $5.00 for each person to the total.

  • The purpose is to show people that moving/exercising/working out is one of the best ways to feel good, stay healthy, and create a positive lifestyle!

  • All fitness levels are welcome :)

  • We will create the workout to include everyone's levels and abilities, and make it a fun 45-60 minutes long workout :)


Every dollar WILL count.

Every dollar WILL make a difference.

Every dollar WILL change someone's life for the better. 

We are grateful for anything you donate and appreciate your act of kindness!!

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